The Magic Mirror


The Magic Mirror

The Frightfull Circular Saw

Meeting on a Railway Station

The Newspaper

The Scorcerer

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De Hippe Droom

Grand Illusions


Grote illusie acts van 7 tot 10 minuten voor groot toneel in theatersetting (50 tot 2000 toeschouwers). Zeer geschikt om de aandacht van het publiek op te frissen tijdens bedrijfsbijeenkomsten, vergaderingen, conferenties en openingen. Kan aaneengeschakeld worden tot een avondvullende show, of gepresenteerd worden als 'entre acts'.


7 to 10 minute, large, life size illusion acts for the big stage and audiences from 50 to 5000 people. Appropriately refreshing for audience attention during corporate meetings, conferences and openings. Can be linked to an evening filling show or presented as separate acts.


Voorbeelden / Examples:


The Magic Mirror to the Other World

(latest invention, unique in the world. Style: poetical, sophisticated, eery love story)

The Frightfull Circular Saw

(comedy, over-the-top, theatrical)


Meeting on a Railway Station

(a new adaption of a classical quick change in a remote place and time)


The Newspaper

(virtuoso new age inspired miracle)


Danger of Fire

(fire act with a suprise ending)


Excorcism by Swordfight

(an awakening in another dimension)


From the light

(out of a projection of the logo appears a person)


And 10 more...


Theaterlicht en geluidssysteem op aanvraag. Complete organisatie theater evenement mogelijk.